Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios will be purchased by Embracer Group and Gearbox

Perfect World Entertainment and its subsidiaries, including Cryptic Studios, will soon be purchased by the Swedish holding company Embracer Group AB, the former Nordic Games, and Gearbox Entertainment. After the transaction was concluded for $ 125 million in February 2022, PWE will become a subsidiary of Gearbox and continue to publish and develop games, as in the past, with the support of the latter.

as in the case of most other acquisitions, Embracer states that PWE and Cryptic will remain independent. This was additionally confirmed by the Star Trek Online team when they announced the acquisition.

"As for the everyday work of Sto, then very little will change if something will change at all," the team said . "The team does not change, the leadership of both STO and Cryptic Studios does not change, and the team that used to work in PWE, now Gearbox, also does not change. In fact, after the conclusion of this deal, you should see a very small difference in how our game works. "

" There are currently no plans to close Star Trek Online, "they added They.

The official press release tells about Cryptic Studios and its long-standing portfolio and, more importantly, highly rental MMORPG, in particular Champions Online, Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. On the other hand, the press release also speaks a little about the significant losses that PWE suffered after the cancellation of Magic: Legends in the beginning of this year, and about the big space in the publisher’s release schedule.

also in the press release was also in the press release The schedule of the upcoming issues of PWE, which includes the new project for 2022 and five new ones by 2024, has been disclosed. The game of 2022 is probably a newly announced by the studio, the Torchlight Mobile game, Torchlight Infinite, which has just opened the registration of closed beta testing.

Embracer Group and Gearbox Entertainment combined in February 2021 as part , 3 billion dollars. Gearbox is known for several franchises marked awards, including Borderlands, Brothers in Arms, Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Halo, Tony Hawk Pro Skater and 007 James Bond.

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