Phoenix Labs says they have 10 projects in development

Canadian developer of the video game Phoenix Labs is mainly known as a studio that created a popular game about the murder of Dauntless monsters. What we did not know is that the studio already has several new developments in work, from early research to real production.

The studio hinted at "about 10 projects", covering various topics and genres ."Thinking for the options of our next game, we realized that we want to study the wide range of opportunities opening before us," the studio said. "We study everything from science fiction to fantasy, from strategy to action, from casual to the main one-and everything between them."

The announcement was made simultaneously with the opening of an updated website Studios and a new logo. The team also said that over the three years of the existence of Dauntless have collected more than 30 million players.

as for new games, of course nothing can be gleaned from the announcement, in addition to the fact that they are at different stages of development, but possibly in In the near future, more detailed information will appear.

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