Pirates: assault on heaven: moving to an international server

The MMO Action Administration: the assault on heaven decided to transfer all the project players to one server in order to focus the efforts of developers at once on all users. Recall that now there are two options for the game for Ukrainian -speaking users and for other players. Butfrom June 15the players of the famous project will have the opportunity to find new friends, because The new server will be able to unite users from around the world.

so that there is no more territorial division and, according to the numerous requests of the players, will soon be associated. Moving players will take place to My.com server, as it has more users. But this does not mean that players will lose the progress of the game. The account of each player will be exported to another server in absolute safety.

The positive aspects of the association:

  • more users, which means that the game will be more gambling and interesting;
  • <<
  • The player will be able to find a partner at any time of the day, since everyone plays at different times;
  • The opportunity to fight with captains from around the world;
  • players will be able to take part in various competitions , promotions and tests from my.com.

more detailed instructions and nuances of the transition can be found on the official website of the pirata: storming heaven.

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