Pirates: storming heaven: update and new map

In MMO Action Pirates: the assault on heaven (pirates: allods online) a large update was installed, and it brought the following:

- now the players are available to the new map "Ice Silence"- these are allods covered with snow and ice Where they found their mortal hour for the last two dragons. This place became the concentration of magical power. Players can get here by taking part in a random battle (9 to 9) or the brotherhood of the brotherhood (7 to 7). All existing modes will initially be available.

- edits were made to combat regimes;

- Changes were made to the ships: Experience increased, the calculation of points, etc.;


- the interface is adjusted;

- the gold decor for guns became available, the cost of its 1000 sparkling thalers.

can be found out more about the update here.

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