Planetside Arena: Close at the beginning of 2020

Scientific and Fantastic mmofps Planeside Arena, which came out in early access in September of this year (while it was postponed several times), literally a month later ran into a number of problems that apparently could not solve the developers. After a series of dismissals, the studio said that the game does not work, and its servers will be closed in January 2020.

"While our team put forward an ambitious vision of the game, combining large -scale battles and the spirit of the PlanetsDe partnership. Thanks to a diverse collection of new game modes, after several months of early access, it became clear that it was impossible to support the gameplay that we planned, "explained the executive producer in a" letter of closure. "

" As a result of Planeside Arena, officially Close on January 10, 2020. We are actively working with Steam to guarantee that all the players who have made purchases during early access will automatically receive a full return to their Steam account after the servers closed in January. "

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