Planetside Arena: In the fall will be released in early access

The launch of the MMO Shooter Planeside Arena from the Daybreak Games studio was scheduled for January this year. But for some reason, the launch was postponed to March, and then-the issue was again transferred to the summer.

Now the end of summer, and a new date for Planeside Arena release in Steam: September 19, only a few weeks later.

This initial launch of Planetside Arena will include command mode with three team players and detachments mode with 12 players in the group, fighting 300 players in fights. Plans for the future include new functions, such as solo mode, aircraft, additional classes and a mode with the participation of detachments for 300 players... which involves (at least) a match for 600 players. These are many players.

the trailer shows a large number of fighting players, while what looks like an aircraft carrier is illuminated by some giant space ray of death. There are also a couple of dozen of other smaller ships flying through the air, and tanks moving along the surface.

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