Planetside Arena: Set aside until summer

late Friday evening, the best time for unpleasant news, and here it is: the launch of the PC version of Planetside Arena is postponed until the summer of 2019.

"After long thoughts, we decided to postpone the current release date only for PC and launch at the same time on PC and PlayStation 4 this summer, "the studio wrote this evening. "We always assumed that Planeside Arena would allow players to experience the epic game process of the Planeside universe thanks to the fast pace combined battle with weapons and mass multi -user modes. We believe that the supply of the most perfect version of Planetside Arena, corresponding to these expectations, outweighs any other considerations on both platforms. "

It is interesting that the studio states that it compensates all the existing preliminary orders for the game, but promises to continue the beta program until the end of winter and spring.

mmo players will remember that the Planeside Arena shooter was announced as MMOFPS in December with the initial launch date of January 29, although five days before the planned release was announced About the transfer to March 26. And now the date has moved completely to the summer.

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