Planetside Arena: The output is moved to March

Daybreak Games announced the new date of the shooter Planetside Arena. Initially, the game was planned for the exit on January 29, 2019, but the official launch was postponed to March 26, and the closed beta testing should begin on January 30.

"What we found during the game testing is that it is that it is that it is that it is that it is that it is that it Although we have achieved significant success in achieving this goal, there are important improvement of functions and improve the main systems that we can do, which will raise Planetside Arena to the level that it deserves. This game is a fascinating project for our team, with great potential, to take a unique place in the Planetside series and in the general in the Julescups genre. And although we thought about this decision for a very long time, we ultimately decided to highlight the extra time to supplement our set of functions, fully optimize the performance of the engine and improve the server infrastructure, which was absolutely necessary to ensure a high -quality, honed game, which the Planeside community deserves. That is why today we announce that Planeside Arena will be launched on March 26, 2019, "the developers report.

the beta version of the founders should begin on February 20, 2019, and it will be in it Unique items are presented that can only be obtained during this short season. Anyone who makes a preliminary order of the game will be automatically invited to testing the founders.

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