Population zero: How the character will develop

Developers of the MMO Survival project with RPG Population Zero elements today showed a short film where your hero will develop.

So, four indicators affect the development of the hero. You will need to explore the world in order to receive knowledge about unique objects. Knowledge will be displayed in a special atlas of knowledge. Knowledge is also needed for the development of a system of technology and sciences. In addition, during any activity you will receive perks (benefits), fighting can be obtained during battles. 70% of the hero’s strength will directly depend on what he is dressed in, and only 30% of his skills.

development of the character in the Population Zero

in the first video on the Population Zero mechanics. We want to talk about the development system of your character. Without exploring the world, obtaining and assimilating new knowledge and obtaining various perks to survive on the new planet, it will be virtually impossible. Do not forget to share the information with friends!

Placed the Population Zero Nedil, 28 Zhovlet 2018 p.

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