Population zero: PVP, guilds, food and death

Today, the developers of the scientific and adventure project in the Survival genre with the Population Zero MMO elements revealed some details of the project being developed.

, according to the developers in the Population Zero, players will be able to unite groups and create guilds. Participation in the guild will be able to simplify the passage of various tasks. In addition, the developers' plans to introduce the mechanics of encouraging guild participants.

Each player could be a solo player, but walking in the group will accelerate and simplify the game.

regarding the Arena, while evasive answers, although ideas Their introduction to the project exist.

many players were interested in the question of what will happen to the character if he dies. After the character dies, the body disappears, and a bag with things remains in the place of death. If another player finds this bag, he will be able to take it to himself and dispose of things as he wants. The character will be able to revive at the special point of the Republic, which the player himself first creates. If he did not create this, then he will resurrect at a fixed point of resurrection.

In the Population Zero, provisions will be needed. Once on the planet, you will immediately stumble upon something that you can eat, for example, a berry shrub. You can try them. But no one guarantees that they will be edible. You will have to crash the provisions yourself. You will find the constituent dishes surrounded. The character can’t do without food in any way, regular nutrition will give you certain bonuses.

an incentive to start a PVP can become the seizure of a source, but the developers promise that they have plans for PVP-storage, which rarely, which are rare You can meet in MMO and Survival. But while they are covered with mystery.

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