Population Zero will appear in May in Steam

Scientific and fantastic MMO Population Zero will soon leave the stage of a closed beta test. The developer of Enplex Games announced that the game will appear on the Steam platform on May 5, and also reported some changes that will occur.

on the one hand, the developers seek to give players a greater sense of "goal", adding weekly tasks, which They will promote the narrative. As soon as the game will be released on Steam, the players will have a week to survive and build a safe shelter before Kepler, the planet on which they ended up, will become unsuitable for life.

players will maintain memories of their past lives In each cycle, as well as "other rewards for progress based on an account", and the studio said that "new riddles, new mechanics and new regions" will be added as the cycles are passing.

Population Zero also leaves The planned Free-to-Play model and instead switches to a one-time purchase. "The decision to change the monetization model from a free game for a one -time purchase was made after a series of thorough discussions as part of a team and community," said Creative Director Denis Pozdnyakov. "The transition to a one -time purchase will allow the studio to continue working on the game, and will also give us the opportunity to release a new gaming content that will really improve the gameplay."

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