Pride addition to Action Hitman 3 is already available

Io Interactive presented a complete roadmap for the Pride season for Action Hitman 3 in a new trailer, including all free contracts that will appear within a month.

Free gifts for all Hitman 3 players begin today with A contract for a mission called "Sebastian principle." Sebastian Sato fashion designer returns from the previous Hitman adventures. This time he hangs out in Dubai, where you will do everything possible to give him his last drink. The developer calls this a "learning mission", which works as a good starting point for people who have not done this before.

Throughout the season you will have temporary goals, such as The elusive goal of the killer you need to hunt, the bonus mission taking place in the film and several other events.

The latest update of the game Hitman 3 also includes a list of corrections of errors and aminations of cards, which IOI stated in their notes to the patch 3.30. Firstly, the non-game characters who were given the poison cause vomiting are now preferred to empty the toilet, and not get in the trash tanks. Thanks for this.

The addition of "Pride" ("Pride") for Action Hitman 3 has already been released today in the Epic Games Store store, where you can get it separately or as part of the collection of "seven mortal sins."

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