Project Cars 3: This summer will come out with new functions

The Project Cars series has collected a huge number of fans of virtual motorsport, mainly a merit of an impressive realism of car physics. However, despite this, in the series of these races there were not enough some functions that you want to see in a modern racing simulator and now the developer is going to correct this miss.

so, the career mode was completely changed to players They were able to completely feel the game progress. Having made your way to your career stairs, you will be at 10 classes of the car at your disposal, you will gain experience, open updated parts and new events. But, if you do not like events of a certain type, you can spend in the in -game currency (earned by the game method, without microtransactions) to skip it. This means that players do not feel attached, forced to drive cars that they do not like.

This time, the modernization of cars will appear in the Project Cars, which was very missing, and it is nice to see that this function is finally, finally , appeared. Previously, you could configure the characteristics of the car, but now you can radically change it using a new engine, suspension, etc. It is unlikely that this is an innovative function for a racing game, but it will add a completely new dimension to the sensational driving model Project Cars.

This also means that you can ride your favorite car throughout your career, starting from the lowest level and ending with high -class events, increasing performance indicators with new details. The developer wants the players to feel that they are constantly being improved and progressing, and the game in any mode, including multi -user, will bring you experience points and playing currency. In some cases, you do not even need to come first to the finish line: just participate. But, of course, the better you are in the race, the better your reward will be.

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