PUBG: Bots and rating matches arrived

After a week, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) spent on a test server, and is now updated to version 7.2, in particular, a rating mode has been added.

Range matches reset units on a map for 64 players, accidentally selected from Erangel, Miramar and Sanoka with changed rules. For example, there are no red zones, crossbows and airplanes, and a safe zone will be reduced at a certain speed, obviously, to make things more intense.

from today you can go to a new regime, or from a third party, or a third person or a third person or a third person From the first person, and start climbing the service stairs until the end of the season. But, before you receive your initial rank, you need to finish other matches. In the next seasons, your previous performance will also be taken into account when assigning you a starting rank.

a master is a higher rank division, and to achieve it, you need to earn a rank for matches that can increase or lower your rank and potentially even knock you out of the division net. At the end of the season, you will get a reward depending on the position of your highest occupied place.

If you manage to get into Gold V or higher, you will get a clean set of skins that will change Every season. There is no information about what will make the skins stand out, but PUBG Corp says that "everyone can easily say at first sight that you are using a rating skin with a reward, even if they cannot remember exactly what season he was in."

Although the new mode is the main point, this is not the only change. Update 7.2 also gives an improvement in the assault rifle to make them viable throughout the game, increasing accuracy, damage and speed, as well as reducing the gap between M416 and other weapons.

The update also notes the terrible arrival of bots. They will begin to appear in ordinary games, but not in rating matches, and, obviously, are designed to give the players several simple murders to help them hone their skills. Pubg Corp admitted that bots are a "controversial" feature, and so far this addition has not been welcomed with open arms.

You can read the full update of 7.2 on the official page.

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