PVP MMO Crowfall now belongs to Monumental

For MMO Crowfall, it was everything difficult since it was launched back in July. The day of launch itself was awarded various problems of entering the system that were aggravated by numerous DDOS attacks. A few months later, the developer ARTCRAFT Entertainment fired several members of the developers team, because, according to one of the developers, "marketing failed."

since then, Crowfall, in fact, has been in service mode, but it seems that, it seems that, That the game will have another chance, because Monumental acquires the game to save the situation. The Austin studio acquired Crowfall and will work with Artcraft to ensure uninterruption and help the studio realize their vision of the game. Artcraft itself, it seems, was not bought and will continue to remain an independent studio.

to date, the service has officially switched to Monumental.

"Our team is glad to join Monumental as they are, since they are They share our passion for Crowfall and committed to its future, "said Gordon Walton, president and executive producer of Artcraft. "Monumental considers Crowfall a unique and exciting game; This is an online platform focused on interacting with players, and an ideal platform for experiments. Monumental allocates resources to help Crowfall completely reveal its potential. We are pleased to join the Monumental team as part of such a transition. "

" As one of the first supporters and an avid player in its development, I am very happy to welcome Crowfall in the Monumental family, " - Monumental CEO Monti Kerr said. "Gordon combines an outstanding team of talented and creative developers, as well as many years of experience in creating and managing MMO. As a combined team, we can fully realize the high ambitions of Crowfall. "

it is worth noting that only two months ago, Monumental acquired another dying game from Rhino Games-a multiforded online group called Mythgard. Like Crowfall, the Mythgard developer also tried his best to keep the game afloat and grabbed the chance to resurrect the game with Monumental.

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