Quake Champions: gets a new card

Despite the fact that the free Quake Champions shooter did not have violent popularity at one time, it continues to exist and develop. His last update looks quite juicy: this is a new card, several new skins of weapons and a number of settings and corrections.

The new map is called the Kotha tower. This is a map on the theme of Itgelal, on which you can play in several modes "Battle", "Command Battle", "Clans Arena", "Duel", "Instant Death", "The Wickening Trinity" and Arcadian Regimes. "Rising among the emerald swamps," the description says, "like a fanged mouth, it conveys one simple truth:" Chosen, know this key, and all the locks will open before you. "

there are also several new combat awards passes in season 7 in the form of skins of weapons based on weapons Quake 4

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