Quake Champions: New Closed Beta Test

Not so long ago, the second stage of the ZBT of the ARNENSTER SHUTER QuAKE Champions has passed. But on April 21, the next wave of a closed beta test began. Therefore, if you were not able to test Quake Champions last time, you can easily do it today. To do this, you need to apply for the official website of the game.

Here are a few points that should be taken into account when submitting an application for the beta test Quake Champions:

  • The player who took part in The past of the ZBT, it automatically opens up to this stage of the beta test;
  • is prohibited from transmitting screenshots, videos of the game to other persons, as well as to conduct streams and discussions of the game gameplay;
  • It is quite possible that in Users can have some difficulties in downloading the launcher, they will soon be eliminated;
  • may appear during testing;
  • At the beginning of testing, all users will receive 500 Platinum.

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