Queen Banshee Celtic goddess Cliodne will appear in Smite

After the debut of Haribda in Moba Smite last month, Hi-Rez adds a new goddess again-the queen of Banshee Cliodne. In Irish mythology, Cliodne is a Celtic goddess of beauty, sea and afterlife. The Cliodne version, created by Cliodne, draws a much more gloomy picture of the Celtic goddess.

"For the first time in Smite, this ghostly killer from the Celtic pantheon can pass through the walls. The invisible Cliode is hiding there. When she strikes, her chilling blood stunes her frightened prey and distorts her vision. Most of its strength proceeds from the afterlife, and it can break the veil between the worlds to release the army of inexpressible horrors. " In the meantime, you can see her terrible cinematic trailer.

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