Rage 2: Second Update

Today, the second update has been released for the Action Rage 2, which adds new cheats, difficulty levels, game modes and a lot of different things.

- So, now a new game has appeared in Rage 2+. After you all have passed, you launch this new passage, where the complexity rises, and you earn prestige icons. Moreover, in the ark you can find small bonuses.

- the regime of an iron person has been added, there you have to survive, died- lost, everything is simple.

- the complexity of the Ultrakoshmar is not added for the faint of heart, so attach yourself.

- some spectators of your stream on Twitch are suddenly on the board of dangerous criminals (if you certainly strive), it's time to find them.

- the mage of the Wasteland will offer you new cheat codes.

In addition, several positive changes were added and the removal of several errors.

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