Rage 2: The Trailer "The Climbing of the Ghosts" showed a new villain

Last week, the first addition to the post -apocalyptic shooter Rage 2 called "The ascent of the Ghosts" was released. Bethesda has released a trailer, representing a terrible new villain with great plans for the world.

"The ascent of the ghosts" demonstrates the return of the bandit clan from the original Rage, which have changed somewhat since you were the last time faced with them, and A new chapter in history. The new weapon-the felritt-laser gun looks comfortable, and the new "abyss" is resemble an energy leash.

The overgrown city in which additions of additions take place, provides a "huge new region for research", and it is always nice to have more Places where you can go and see something.

rage 2: "The ascent of the ghosts" is already available in a game store for 1,500 coins. The second addition, which has not yet has a name, will add another part of the story with new missions, enemies and locations and is expected in November.

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