Redfall shooter received his first gameplay trailer

Last month, Bethesda SoftWorks announced that the release of the cooperative shooter to survival about Redfall vampires was transferred to the first half of 2023. Despite the fact that most likely, the release date will not be before, the studio released the first official trailer for the game process for the game to maintain expectation in players.

for those who have just learned about Redfall are a joint A game for four players, whose action takes place in a small town. Vampires somehow blocked the sun, blocked all access and besieged the city. The bizarre team of vampire hunters should stop them. Players can fight vampires alone or unite with three other players. Each player has his own set of skills and abilities that they can use in their interests to save the city from a blood -sucking threat.

"Redfall organically combines a single and multi -user game, allowing the player to go into the dark alone or unite for a joint game up to four players. The teammates can try different sets of heroes and combine their strength to find creative solutions for the vampire Apocalypse. You will collect a whole arsenal of specialized weapons and set your character with unique improvements and abilities that will suit your game style: shooting from guns, secretive battle and everything between them. "

You can play the game Play the PC and Xbox Series X | S, and when it will be released by the Xbox Game Pass. More information can be found on the official website Redfall.

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