Revelation: A little about the future

On the official YouTube MMORPG Revelation channel, a video appeared where producer Dmitry is badly telling about what the project awaits in the future, as well as about other moments of the game.

You can briefly emphasize the following:




  • Continuing the elimination of problems during the siege: hanging, jerking, delay, etc.;
  • The localization of the game is finalized, the inaccuracies are eliminated;
  • All Subsequent game innovations are planned to be tested on a public testing server. Users participating in testing will receive a high-level hero’s account, for a quick and high-quality test of new content;
  • it is planned to add another cross-server with activities for guilds, a store with goods for bonus coins, seasonal awards ;
  • There are also plans to hold an event where the main reward will be a trip to China;
  • Well, of course, in the near future, various events are planned that users should like.

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