Revelation Online: "Dragon Omut" The most powerful bosses

The Revelation Online team revealed several cards by telling users about the strongest bosses that you can fight today. You can get acquainted with the most powerful enemies of the Dragon Omut by watching a new trailer, and the players have not yet encountered some bosses at all. A new part of the Dragon Omut dungeon was introduced. This PVE Adventure is designed for the raid of players, whose characters have already reached level 79. During the sortie, the players will have to fight with 9 simple bosses and 1 unknown. Among the opponents there will also be: a gigantic instruction, a snow queen, a dragon-tryasinnik, and an ice dragon.

At the current time, the Dragon Omut Dungeon is considered the most difficult, and these strongest bosses are there. It took about 2 years to create this raid for the creation of this raid.

the winners are waiting for excellent prizes that will be divided between all the participants in the raid, which took part in the battle with the last boss.

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