Reviews about MIR-4 are negative, but the number of players is growing

The number of MIR-4 players continues to grow daily since the Korean MMORPG was launched in Steam and on mobile devices last week. This game is the last part of The Legend of Mir Games from the South Korean Wemade development studio, the same studio as Riders of Icarus, Icarus Online and Avalon Heroes.

August 31, 2021 The number of simultaneous players in Steam reached a record The level of 22158 players and steadily grows with every minute, despite "mostly negative" reviews on the platform. So why does the number of players continue to grow even with bad reviews? Well, this can have something to do with the fact that players have a chance to earn a cryptocurrency called Draco, literally mining and creating it in the game.

to earn Draco, players must tie the game to the account Google, Apple or Facebook records and reach at least 40 levels. Then they can start black steel production and collect enough resources to create an appropriate cryptocurrency. WEMADE estimates the cost of DRACO at about $ 3, which is very far from the current cost of bitcoins, but this is still something. The studio will regularly adjust the speed with which players can obtain black steel and create Draco to maintain the cost of the currency over time. They also plan to include it in other games in the future.

Wemade tells about Draco in the video below in case you want to take part in this movement.

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