Rocket Arena: announcement of a new MMO shooter

This Nexon game this week simply appeared from nowhere and it is calledRocket Arena. In fact, this is an excellent multi -user shooter with a fairly familiar graphic style created by the Final Strike Games published by Nexon America.

"Rocket Arena offers a unique cross -platform experience of 3 x 3 in the genre of the first -person shooter and contains a list of bright characters, competing in fast 5-minute matches in Rocket Championship Tour. While in the curious world of the crater, Rocket Arena represents a special game mechanics that differs from standard shooters, enjoying many colorful weapons and abilities that use bizarre missiles in various forms. At Rocket Arena, players are equipped with a bomb meter, which increases when they are fired at rockets. When the counter reaches a critical point, players can simply fly off the card, but quickly return to the arena to stay in the game. Thanks to the selected functions of organizing matches, servers take into account the level of skill and waiting time when combining players. "

A short closed beta version for PC should begin on May 23 (registration here), as well as a joint game for Xbox One and PS4.

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