Sea of ​​Thieves: 2021 will be the "biggest year"

According to the executive producer of the pirate adventure MMORPG Sea of ​​Thieves, 2021 will be the "biggest year". By the way, in the middle of this year there were already 15 million users in the game. A hint of future changes was published on Twitter along with information about the November update.

it`s been a long year. Incredibly Proud to be a Part of the Team at Rare and To Witness How Eveony Has Worked Together to Keep Sea of ​​Thieves Evolving. Lots to Come in 2021. Will Definitely be the biggest year yet. #SeAOFTEAse

Might Even Add the Shrouded Ghost 7zjaraofzg

-Joe Neate (@Joeneate1) November 17, 2020

The latest update does not bring some serious renewal Changes, but, nevertheless, there are some tips that the next year will be interesting and key. According to the developers, all the work takes place behind the scenes, and naturally players cannot know what to expect, although such hints are intriguing.

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