Sea of ​​Thieves: big changes are coming in a pirate adventure

In 2021, the Pirate Adventure of Sea of ​​Thieves expected big changes. Instead of monthly updates in the new year, a change of seasons will appear, which will begin with a major renewal of content and last about 3 months. The first season will begin in January with the launch of a new trip of a trade alliance, in which you "collect together hints on land and sea, trying to find a lost load somewhere in the world."

Each new season will include " Selected and living events ", as well as new awards for players, improve the quality of life, update the in -game store and Twitch Drops awards. A new development system will also be presented, which will give players the opportunity to earn up to 100 levels of "pirate glory" for the season with various game awards that open during the game.

These awards will be available to all players, but - non -fiction! - An additional "pass" will provide access to a separate branch with unique awards and exclusives of the pirate shop.

The development of PVP-Arena is suspended. PVP Arena will continue to work, but the executive producer of the game said that more than 97% of the game time Sea of ​​Thieves is held in adventure mode, and this is where the company is going to concentrate its efforts.

"Arena will still be Part of the Sea of ​​Thieves, people will still play it, and we will continue to support it, maintain its performance. But we will not invest in future development in new functions or changes in the mode itself, "says Rare.

Before all this happens, 2020 will end with the last monthly update, a gift festival that will begin on December 9th.

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