Sea of ​​Thieves "Legends of the Sea" bring gold

In the update of the "Legends of the Sea", which appeared in the Sea of ​​Thieves naval adventure, a new NPC has been added, which will send you in search of honors for legendary players. It sounds good, but even more important, he returns golden travel for a limited time, which will give a lot of gold.

Each player can only claim one golden trip, so make sure that you are ready to take part in it, Before you take the task of the duke in the tavern.

A golden journey can bring you a little gold, but with this update the developers doubled a potential gain. Now you can hand over your treasures to a stranger in a mask in the waist of the Reaper, and he will give you twice as much gold.

The danger is that some wretch can wait for a step with a pair of powder barrels And without a shadow of doubt.

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