Sea of ​​Thieves: You can catch and cook fish

The developers of the MMORPG Sea of ​​Thieves have released a new trailer that illuminates some new functions that players can look forward to. One of the main innovations that appeared in the update is the Call of the Hunter Call of the same name, which includes time -tested art of fishing. Players will be able to catch representatives of the marine world everywhere, including some particularly rare species that will require the right bait, good casting and great patience during fishing. It, or get pots and pans and cook fish. With an extended cooking system, players can prepare a variety of dishes that, with proper preparation, will provide an "increased amount of health replenishment", but do not burn the fish. Not a single pirate wants to eat poisoned food in the open sea.

and, of course, piracy is not only leisurely fishing and generous food. We are talking about damage, shooting and the like, and it is here that a new harpoon weapon appears. Now there will be two harpoon weapons on each ship. You can see some elements of new content in the action in the trailer below, or go to the official website and read more detailed information.

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