Second Extend: Cooperative FPS for three players is presented

Systemic Reaction studio is a cooperative FPS for three Second Exteration players, where you have to fight for survival against the hordes of hostile robots that flooded the Earth. This game was shown during the broadcast of the Inside Xbox called Second Extend, and perhaps you will find it a little familiar. The game will have not only ordinary dinosaurs, which we know and love, but also mutants-dinosaurs, such as electrical predators and tireks.

Instead of crowding in the caves, the last remnants of mankind fled to a safe place in space, from where they deliver partisan blows to the overlords of reptiles. And instead of worn shotgun and rifles of the 70s, players will have access to unique weapons and abilities.

the release date of the shooter Second Exteration has not yet been announced, but it is expected that closed beta testing will take place this summer. You can register to take part in it on the website

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