Serious SAM 4: New gameplay video shows a starship

On the last live air of Devolver Direct, it was not said about the exact date of the shooter of the shooter Serious Sam 4, although its exit is expected in August. Nevertheless, a new gameplay trailer was represented, which demonstrates a familiar action in the style of Serious Sam, as well as a narrative turn from nowhere, which represents the hero of the series as captain of the star.

the trailer begins with Serious Sam, which briefly describes His "amazing" life, and then he lands in a very unpleasant look of an alien world. Instead of exploring this interesting new place, he abruptly takes out the weapon and rushed.

It is quite difficult to understand the meaning of this story, but the gameplay looks exactly as you expect from Serious Sam. Serious Sam 4 promises to be much more than in previous games: in May, the developers said that their new "Legion system" will simultaneously visualize hundreds of thousands of opponents, which is ideal for this series.

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