Serious SAM 4: threatened to put 100,000 enemies at once on your screen

The developers presented a series of short video shooter SERIUS SAM 4, and also called the estimated release date - August 2020. The game should be expected for PC, but the console versions will have to wait until 2021.

Already now you have the opportunity to add the game to the desired or draw up a pre -order in Steam.

A new "Legion system" will be added to Serious Sam 4. According to the developers "this is a" good trick "that makes it possible" thousands, thousands, hundreds, hundreds of thousands "to appear on the screen at the same time."

"This is one of the systems that we actually developed for Serious Sam 4" - they explain. "We have several levels that we can actually fill in so many enemies. We were very pleasantly surprised at how quickly they could run, because initially we hoped for about 10,000 enemies, and now we have reached much more. " It seems that most familiar characters will also return.

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