Shadow Arena: added a new hero, arena and clans

The Royal Battle of Shadow Arena received a juicy update that added a 1 x 1 arena mode, the function of the clans and the function of observing the game of other players, as well as a new hero.

During playing in the arena of 1 x 1, you can alternately fight in fights with 5 players, and the winner will go to the last player. In addition, during the battle, the black curtain will begin to narrow, which will complicate your battle in the arena.

Now in Shadow Arena you can create a clan that holds 50 players and acquires clanchat.

In addition, after this update, you can observe the game of another player. Speaking as a fan, you can observe and encourage another player.

The full update can be read on the game page.

Well, of course, the new hero of this month! The Lan, the famous heroine of MMORPG Black Desert Online, got the list of heroes of Shadow Arena. Her skills can be found on a special tab.

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