Shadow Arena: new hero of the dragon murderer Tagal on the battlefield

Last week, Pearl Abyss announced that the new hero Tagal Sherekhan came to Shadow Arena. The game now has 11 heroes, each of which offers various strategies and combat styles. With the story of the origin recorded in the history of Black Desert Online, Tagal Sherekhan is a descendant of the Sherekhan dragon hunters.

"The Last Sherekhan" - 199

After the dragons in Calfeon in 199, in 199, Ellian calendar residents of those places were horrified and despair. The last of the Sherekhanov, legendary dragon hunters came from Drigan. He managed to drive away all the dragons, but Calfon refused to give the promised reward. Because of this, Tagal cursed Calfon and portended their appearance. Immediately after that, he disappeared.

Tagal Sherekhan masterfully owns Glefoy, thanks to which he inflicts powerful blows with a large attack area. Using the skills of reducing or ignoring opponents, the outcome of the fight can change a lot.

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