Sky Tracers: New Parkur Platformer

Last year, the Super CloudBuilt Parquelor Parquelor Parquelves left the company and now the developer decided to create a continuation for lovers of this genre. Sky Tracers, like his predecessor, is a high -speed Parkur from a third person with pleasant colorful aesthetics. Unlike Super CloudBuilt, it will be multi -user. Indeed, the early signs indicate that online competence is the main direction.

"Jump over the roofs, swing skyscrapers and fight with hostile robots when you master the almost endless depth of the high-speed parkour. Find and go through your own path through complex courses in a frantic multiplayer race. " This is from the Steam page, in which there is no release date, although the alpha test trailer has already been released on the official website of the game.

The main regime will be focused on the racing with others players, although there will be other modes.

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