Smash Legends: MMO Fiting has already appeared in some regions

multiplayer PVP phating Smash Legends from Line Games, was launched on mobile devices in some regions of Europe: Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The assembly with a mild launch includes six different PVP modes, including 1 on 1 duel, the capture of points 3 to 3 and the royal battle for 8 players with an choice of eight game characters.

"In Smash Legends Players can play for one of the "legends" of the game, inspired by iconic characters from fairy tales, participate in competitions to maintain order and peace in the "library world". After the legends are selected and the match will begin, players will be able to enjoy the dynamic three -minute battle, in which rivals are knocked out of the arena. "

The game is now available for loading on Google Play and App Store, but for now Only in the above regions. Line Games promise to add more regions in the near future, as well as launch early access to Steam with support for cross-games.

launch of MMO Futing Smash Legends all over the world is scheduled for the first half of 2021.

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