Smite Blitz: New Mobile Game SMITE

I really like Hi-Rez Studios and their work on SMITE and Paladins. But the announcement of Smite Blitz for Android and iOS for some reason made us recall all these useless "games" that can be found on mobile devices.

The rejection of the previous Smite Rivals project seems strange for this new game.

In any case, Smite Blitz is officially described as an "epic tactical RPG", but this is actually a collector game Heroes. You know, such a game that largely depends on Gachi in order to earn the best heroes (pay for the best "chances") and collect stronger teams. This template was recently tested by NCSOFT with Aion: Legions of War, but at least this game looked great - the Smite Blitz advertising video shows an outdated, not inspiring graphics that clearly does not play in favor of the project.

If you still think that Smite Blitz is a game for you, you can try to take part in a technical alpha version by registering in Hi-Rez Labs, a voluntary studio testing program.

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