Spellbreak: New Battle Royale RPG with an epic magic battle

Spellbreak is the new Battle Royale RPG with an epic magical battle, but before you attribute it to this genre, look at the trailer. From the frames we can say that the game has potential: a nice, fantasy style, and the characters throw spontaneous magic spells that interact with each other, creating giant explosions of fire. The project is developed by Proletariat.

These magic spells come from two enchanted gloves that your character wears, and which he puts on depending on the class. There are 11 classes that cause different types of damage - at the moment it is fire, ice, lightning, stone, wind and poisonous damage, and you can combine them, for example, throw a poisonous cloud and then immerse the environment into it to create a giant poisonous fog .

each glove has primary and secondary fire. For example, the primary fire of the lizard is a focused sprayer, and the secondary one is a large poisonous bomb.

effects of spells create rather restless moments on the battlefield. Each class uses passive ability and three scrolls that they can improve during the match to increase their strength. For example, a passive pyrotechnician allows you to return to life with 50% of health after the character was killed for the first time, while their scrolls allow you to heal yourself with fire, repatment the enemies and create protracted puddles of fire when they use spells.

Currently, Spellbreak is in Pre-Alpha, and you can register to take part in testing. In addition, you can purchase a package of the founder and guaranteed to get to testing. While the project has no release date.

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