Star Conflict: Update 1.5.1 Journey

The MMO Action Star Conflict has renewed version 1.5.1 Journey. Now promotion by ranking will resemble a plot company that covers various modes of the game. Each new level of achievement opens up new opportunities for the pilot: game modes, new locations, ships and more.

The game has a map of the galaxy, through the interface of which the players can fall into the necessary they need modes. The map will display available systems, active and new tasks for the player, locations, etc.

players will find a new campaign and a new task system. In addition, this update added a new hero to the game, June Lamarr, a senior researcher at Ellidium Corporation.

Now to get information about all ships, weapons and modules, it is enough to open a special tab - the atlas of technology. The resource production system was also changed. And the preliminary search for rivals for the PVP of the battle was added.

In addition, Star Conflict has added new ships of 16 and 17 ranks, new locations, weapons and much more.

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