Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: Battle Arena added

Yesterday, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order received a free update that has added a new combat arena for players who have already passed the campaign.

This is actually an interesting addition, because access to areas occurs through special Points, and they pass through "several planetary backgrounds." The "Combat Challenges" mode is a large extent of the Horde mode, in total 12 levels, each of which has a star rating. They are intended for players who have already acquired all the abilities of Cal, but if you want to do without them, well, good luck.

The other mode of the arena is called "Battle Grid" and sounds more interesting. This mainly allows you to create your own combat clashes, throwing enemies into the net. In addition to choosing where and when enemies go, there are difficulties modifiers, and you can fight with two opponents who are not in the campaign - Cal Kestis and Jaro Tapal.

There is also the New Journey +mode, which allows you To outplay the game with most collection items and already unlocked updates. New cosmetics are also included in the kit.

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