Starbase: Two new videos of space battles

The space MMO Starbase, which was announced in May, amazes as something between Eve Online and Minecraft. Players can design and build spaceships, and then send them into space to extract, exchange, create alliances and fractions and, of course, shoot each other both in large -scale battles between ships and in more personal shootings.

Two new trailers demonstrate how the battle in black space will work. Video "shootings and weapons" gives a brief presentation of personal weapons in the game, starting from pistols and assault rifles to plasma rifles and flamethrowers, and also demonstrates the oddities of the battle in weightlessness: instead of holding on the spot under the influence of gravity, your robots are equipped with magnetic boots that allow them to fight from a very unusual position. And since everything is modular and destroyed, various parts of the ship can be torn from the floor and walls, to use them as shields - at least until they are destroyed by enemy fire.

The video "Space Ship and Weapons" shows how delicate these large ships can be. They are intended for battles, but a successful shot can knock out a separate weapon or entire systems, potentially damage to ships in the middle of the battle. The weapon in itself is supplied in several standard types, but can be changed using various interchangeable parts. Ship weapons can also be programmed using Yolol, the game programming language of Starbase, to ensure more complex fire control systems.

It is assumed that Starbase will appear in early Steam access this year .

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