Steel Circus: Added new champion Galen

men from Mars, women from Venus... or is it the opposite? At least the new Steel Circus champion Galen arrived directly from Mars, being a descendant of the first person born on Mars.

Galena from the most powerful family of Mars, living among the Martian Higher Society. She is used to being in the spotlight and has access to a number of tools and advanced technologies that she uses to improve her suit. This is what gives her an advantage over competitors.

the new Steel Circus champion Galena has two skills: a gap and a whirlwind. The first allows her to shoot a shock wave, which will not allow her rivals to use their skills for a short time. The second creates a circle that sucks opponents for a few seconds, holding them in place.

Steel Circus roadmap is detailed for the rest of the year. October will add a new champion, along with the beta version of the ranking season and the subscription. The official issue of the PC and the console is scheduled for 2020.

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