Street Fighter 5: 3 release will be released next year

The third release of the playing Fighter 5 should be released next year - judging by the predecessor, it may not be the last. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition collects almost everything that has been released for fighting water still, but there is something else in the game before it is launched.

Gill, is the last A fighter who will be added to the STRET FIGHTER 5 list. Perhaps you remember it, either at least his incredible hair from Street Fighter 3, or the last moments of the plot mode.

He will be part of the Champion Edition, but you can play earlier if you buy it in December.

This month you can purchase a festive DLC that will give you a new scene and Christmas costumes for G, Lucia and Poison. In the period from November 22 to December 20, you can also discover a new Monster Hunter suit for the form for yourself.

In addition, after 7 days, do not miss the free period of the Street Fighter 5.

The next month will also be updated, and all the characters receive new V-rests . They will be free, along with any additions to the game mode or the balance sheet updates that go with Champion Edition.

everything released for the original and arcade versions will be available in the Champion Edition, along with each character, scene and costume that have been released since then. Thus, you will receive 40 characters, 34 arenas and more than 200 costumes.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition will be released on February 14th.

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