Street Fighter v: Free period

Next month, the STRET FIGHTER 5 fighting game will temporarily reduce its price, giving everyone the opportunity to play on Steam and PS4. This is not the first time that players can play the game for free, but this time you can also play with all the characters of season 3.

The free trial version announced on Twitter will include all 16 launch characters, which should interfere with you, along with the six that you will receive with DLC Season 3.

Starting August 1st, Play The Original Street Fighter V Launch Roster and Season 3 Characters in #sfv for Free on PlayStation 4 and Steam! 4GXIZD1HRC

-Street Fighter (@streetfighter) July 29, 2019

You can play all 22 characters from August 1 to August 11, which is apparently a sufficient amount of time To decide if you want to save the game in your library.

If you decide to buy a fighting fighter 5, there are several different versions, more expensive includes seasonal characters' gaps. Despite this, there are many more additional DLCs, but basically these are just costumes.

You can download the fighting fighter v on the Steam page.

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