Swords of Legends Online will add a lot of content

GameForge offers to pre -watch the large -scale update of the MMORPG Swords of Legends Online version 2.1, which the publisher describes as a "murderous update", full of new content. The update will continue the narrative of Shenzhou with the opening of two completely new zones: the area of ​​the dragon star and the Kingdom of Light.

"Strange things are taking place in Shenzhou. Curious abnormalities in the sky above the rise of the clouds suggest that there should be indignation in space and time. Fortunately, the impact on the sunrise of the clouds was still relatively harmless, and the Qin League managed to find the root of the phenomenon with Draco. It seems that the huge bijackie visited the Dragon Star area, breaking through various spheres. "

In addition to the new content, renewal 2.1 will also present two new dungeons - the island of a wild demon and a sea of ​​three -legged ones - and will open the new PVP season. It will also include new functions and changes in craft, including guaranteed equipment from raid bosses, new flight competitions and a new martial arts system for new players.

"When you play for a class in which You are not yet sure, you can use the skill of "master of martial arts" to quickly cope with your missions. At the same time, you better get acquainted with the skills of your class. The martial arts master becomes accessible after you reach the level of student 2. You will find it in the lower left corner of the "skills" menu. Just drag it to the fast access panel to use. "

Update 2.1 is planned to be launched next week. You can familiarize yourself with the preliminary blog on the official website Swords of Legends Online.

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