The announcement of the new campaign and MMO battles Age of Empires IV

For 16 years, the moment of the release of the last game Age of Empires has passed, and it is natural that lovers of this series really want to get Age of Empires IV from the moment of announcement in 2017. It became known that the release of the Age of Empires IV strategy is not planned to be this fall. But the last review as a whole gave a good idea of ​​what to expect from the last game of the popular classic franchise RTS.

The video presents expanded personnel of the gameplay, demonstrating one of the new single -user campaigns of the game, the new Sultanate of Delhi and multiplayer battles . According to Relic Entertainment, up to 8 players will be able to participate in real -time battles in real time. The population of each player is limited by 200 units, a total of up to 1600 units per battle.

players can also see the same mechanics of the gameplay that has existed for more than two decades, as well as several new key functions. These include the addition of siege and fire mechanics, as well as the ability to hide in forests and defend themselves from cavalry attacks. And this adds a new level of complexity to the tested formula of the strategy in real time.

"We have done a huge job, capturing the essence of the original games and trying to transfer them into a modern context," the team said. "We created something that players will be able to understand and find out, and then this will give them the basis for studying many new things and finding what they like. This is our biggest and ambitious game, and we cannot wait for you to play it. "

more detailed information can also be found on the official website of Age of Empires IV.


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