The announcement of the shooter Overwatch 2 took place

Blizzard BlizzCon announced FPS Overwatch 2. On the BlizzCon stage, director Jeff Kaplan said that the FPS continued PVE and the plot bits, including "well -reproducible" joint missions. The new main PVP mode is also present, along with new cards, new characters and a new appearance for old characters. It will contain a multi-user cross-gumple with the first Overwatch, and cosmetics unlocked and bought in the first is actually transferred to the continuation.

The first overwatch was like a prequel for itself To yourself, therefore, it seems that this time something can really happen.

new characters, although the only one is known, is Sujorn. New cards, including Toronto, Gooteborg and Monte Carlo. And a whole set of PVE, including plot missions for four players and the "hero" mode. In the missions of the hero, characters will also improve, opening new privileges. As for PVP, it became known that a new mode will be implemented in it.

You can see some of the changes in the characters on the Overwatch website.

While open cosmetics will be transferred to the sequel, the novelty will also return to the first game. Overwatch and Overwatch 2 players will play on the same PVP servers with the same cards and the same characters. Kaplan said that they want to "reassemble what the sequel means."

the release date of the shooter Overwatch 2 is still unknown.

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