The annual collection of "Guardians" returned to Eve Online

The annual collection of "Guardians" returned to MMORPG EVE Online, sending capsules for a mission to hack in exchange for exclusive colors and other awards.

"This grandiose event is praised by an alliance between two pirate organizations: Angels cartel" Angels. "And Corporation" Serpentis ". Unfortunately for pirates, capsules are traditionally trying to disrupt this holiday! "

" This year, not only new hot spots, hacking areas, daily gifts and other fun, but also somewhat await you at the collection of "Guardians". What is unusual! After the successful attack of the Serpentis Corporation and the Angels Cartel to the ARE scientific base in the 4C-B7X system, you can get to the enemy’s camp and return the stolen information: so scientists of the ARE will be able to continue their research, and you will get early access to the curricula. "

The players will need to use their research frigates and launch installations of probes for scanning anomalies and space signatures indicating combat and hacker objects. Then they need to defeat the waves of enemies before they can hack the site and escape with prey. Players can also form fleets to fight with more complex VIPs and hack sites, as well as save the stolen scientists in the wormwood space for an huge ISK reward.

Websites for hacking will reward the players with data fragments and the ORE, which They can exchange for skins and temporary combat booster. Temporary sets are also available in the store throughout the event.

Visit the official EVE Online website to find out more about this event.

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