The antimonopoly battle of Epic Games and Apple continues

While still waiting for the verdict of the judge in the antimonopoly claim by Epic Games against Apple in the United States, Epic is now preparing to wage a war with the technological giant in Australia courts.

Epic Games filed a similar antimonopoly claim against Apple in Australia in Australia in Australia in Australia November 2020, but he was temporarily suspended after the judge, in April 2021, issued a decision on three -month transfer, due to the current case in the United States.

According to Gamasutra, the Federal Court of Australia recently canceled the decision Judges after the appeal of Epic Games. In the appeal, the Epic lawyers team claimed that issues set forth in the lawsuit should be more important than politics regarding jurisdiction and awaiting sentencing in the United States. After a recent decision of the Federal Court, EPIC published a statement that states that they are grateful for their antimonopoly battle with Apple can now be "considered in the context of Australia’s laws."

"This is a positive step forward for the Australian Consumers and developers who are entitled to fair access and competitive prices in mobile applications, "said Epic Games. "We are looking forward to continuing our struggle to strengthen competition in the field of application distribution and processing of payments in Australia and around the world."

Apple answered with the following statement:

"The initial April decision of the federal Australia’s court correctly ruled that EPIC should adhere to the agreement on the resolution of disputes in California. We respectly disagree with the resolution issued today and plan to appeal. "

what will we observe how this struggle will end.

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