The army of fishing bots sows chaos and panic in New World

As the MMORPG New World seems to have resolved the issue with bugs on the duple of gold, the players turn to other, no less risky ways to accumulate wealth. Greedy players again turned to the centuries -old practice of bots and invaded the best fishing places in Aeternum.

You will ask who the fishing is worried? Well, it is obvious that these bots made fishing almost impossible for real players and therefore are forced to buy such necessary materials from fishermen-botters.

"On my server there is a fishing bot that sits on the same Place at least 18 hours a day, "wrote one player on Reddit. "He alone destroyed prices for several items, ruined fishing on the server, received hundreds of reports and is still not banned!"

Amazon has not yet reacted to a new problem and has not yet taken measures against the botters. Meanwhile, there are also time -tested ways to combat them, such as AGR Mobs and the direction of their attack on bots. Another trick, as PCGAMER notes, is to build tents in the form of the letter "U" on the way of the bot to lure them.

bots and automation have always been a problem in any popular MMO, especially Those in which measures have not yet been taken against them, and New World is no exception. Unfortunately, the short story of the game was already overshadowed by one problem after another, because of which the patience of the players is already at the limit.

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